Our services are vast! Our goal is to help those with the credit worthiness and ability to "refinance" their credit card debt. We also help in negotiating better rates and payments with your current lender's! We have unlimited contacts and resources that enable us to restructure your unsecured credit card debt. We are usually successful in most cases in achieving a 50% to 80% less payment and a 0% to 7% interest rate!

We are experts in this arena and have CPA's, Attorneys and Bankers contributing to our knowledge base and understanding so that you can benefit from a vast pool of expertise and experience! Banks are in the money and interest business and so are glad to work with good paying customers in many different ways.Our Tax services are unrivaled and our knowledge of Tax Law and financial advice is unparallelled! 

Our services include but are not limited to:

- Personal Tax Returns

- Business Tax Returns

- Unsecured credit refinance

- Business Loans

- Business Credit

- Personal Loans

- Unsecured credit lines

- Accounting/Bookeeping